What is a Doula?

Doulas aren’t a new phenomenon. We have always been there. We kept predators from entering when we birthed in caves. We have formed part of ‘the village’ in many different ways.

Being a Doula isn’t often something that can be taught…. It is something engraved within us. A calling. A job we were made to do.

It’s not always easy being a parent in the 21st Century. Very often friends and relatives are far away and we can feel alone. Also, the sheer volume of books and websites now available to new parents appear to have interfered with our instincts and confidence in listening to ourselves and our babies. If we run into difficulty we are made to feel like our babies are the ones with the problem, when in actual fact often it is a case of managing our own expectations.

This is where the role of the Doula becomes invaluable.

Doulas help lift the weight off your shoulders. We tend to your every need, supporting and nurturing you, allowing you to concentrate on healing, adjusting to your new role and caring for your baby.

We are passionate individuals who feel extremely privileged to support families at this incredible time in their lives. We are empathetic, caring and patient with a keen interest in baby development and the benefits of bonding and attachment. We never give advice but are here to help you make sense of everything and tune into your intuition.

We offer a holistic support network, whether that is to sit chatting over a cuppa debriefing your birth experience, researching ideas with you, ensuring you are well nourished, popping to the shops for you and whizzing the hoover around, or enjoying baby cuddles whilst you take a shower or a long awaited nap.

We provide a circle around each family offering reassurance, the latest evidence-based practice, advocating for your choices and ensuring you feel confident in your ability to parent. We signpost where necessary and wish to complement and enhance this experience for you rather than overshadow it. We want to put YOU first.

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