The Parent Prep Book

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby!

When the reality of that little blue line sets in you may be left wondering what to buy, how you’re going to care for and feed your baby, what “normal sleep” for a baby looks like or how you’ll know what they need.

Having trained at the world-renowned Norland College followed by years spent nannying in London and now as a mother of two, Postnatal Doula and Breastfeeding Counsellor I have a deep passion for helping expectant parents with all they need to know to prepare for the arrival of their baby. The Parent Prep Book is an easy-to-read helping hand with insights from other professionals in the field and the latest research, aiming to provide reassurance and confidence to anyone caring for a newborn.  

To purchase my book please use the link below. I am currently awaiting new stock, so delivery will be after 23rd March 2023:

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